A Lyre in the eye of the sun

A Lyre in the eye of the sun, par Leila Gorguis
Filmée à l’Université d’Iowa aux États-unis

Traduction : John Asfour
Danse : Clara Livingstone & Leigha Mena
Chorégraphie : Alan Sener
Directeur : William Barbour
Musique : Partie I – Akl Hachem  &  Partie II – Michael Mauldin

Iowa University Dept of Dance recall this scene as Arabic poetry, specially composed, recorded and spoken by Canadian poet, Leila Gorguis, describes the event leading to the final death, along with the music of Michael Mauldin.
In 2,550 BC a Queen of Ur went to her death with 46 royal attendants, all committing suicide by drinking poison. The sad scene was uncovered by archaeologists in 1929..Beside the bodies lay a pile of instruments. 2It seemed,” said Sir Leonard Woolley “as if the musician played to the end. One of he arms still lay over the Gold Lyre.”